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I am a Research Fellow (postdoc) at the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick and DIMAP with Oleg Pikhurko, working on the ERC project Extremal Combinatorics. Previously I was a Ph.D. student working in the Graph Theory and Combinatorics group at the University of Birmingham, UK. My supervisor was Deryk Osthus and my co-supervisor was Daniela Kühn. I graduated in July 2015; my thesis was 'Robust Expansion and Hamiltonicity'. Before moving to Birmingham, I did my B.A. and M.Math. at the University of Cambridge from 2007-2011. Here is a copy of my CV.

Upcoming events

Research Interests

My research interests lie in extremal graph theory. During my PhD I mainly worked on Hamilton cycle problems in regular graphs; lately I have been working on stability, graph subdivisions and Ramsey theory.




Conference and Seminar Talks

  • Combinatorics seminar, University of Cambridge, May 2017 (invited)
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Open University, January 2017 (invited)
  • Combinatorics seminar, University of Warwick, November 2016
  • Combinatorics seminar, FU Berlin, May 2016 (invited)
  • Young Mathematicians' Colloquium, University of Birmingham, April 2016 (invited)
  • Eurocomb, University of Bergen, September 2015
  • British Combinatorial conference, University of Warwick, July 2015
  • Combinatorics seminar, University of Bristol, March 2015 (invited)
  • Combinatorics seminar, University of Birmingham, November 2014
  • Polish Combinatorial Conference, Będlewo, September 2014
  • Eurocomb, Pisa, September 2013
  • RSA, Poznań , August 2013
  • Combinatorics seminar, University of Birmingham, October 2012
  • Polish Combinatorial Conference, Będlewo, September 2012
  • Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference, University of Warwick, August 2012

Other Events

  • Panel discussion, Women in Mathematics exhibition, University of Cambridge, April 2017 (invited)

Email Address

Postal Address

Office C2.08, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL

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